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The Kind Of Marketing Your Fund Raiser Needs

Marketing and promoting your fundraiser can be one of the most important aspects of even holding a fundraiser in the first place. You have to promote your event so that people know about it and so that you receive donations. The focus should properly be on you, promoting the event so that you attract the right kind of crowd. You need to avoid empty seats and empty boxes which you have put out to hold the donations. Below I have listed out some points that you should follow to promote your fundraising event:

fundraising event:

You need to secure some proper sponsors since they provide key funding and also some great opportunities to draw in a broader variety of attendees. You should be upfront about their involvement, whether it is a small commitment or a large one. You should also not exclude them, keep them in the loop. You should show your gratitude for all of your sponsors since those are the people who are directly supporting you. They prove to be a crucial component of your success, make sure that they are happy.

One of the most interesting aspects of your fundraising ideas is the spotlighting process of your best features. You should focus on them when marketing your fundraiser. You should write a mission statement since you will want to access what is really important to the non-profit event that you are holding. Make sure to know that event will have an impact on your cause. You should give your attendees some insight on what your next step is going to be. Make sure you let them know those details so that they can be involved again.

You need to focus on your cause. You will surely have the potential to attract more and more people if you stay true to what you believe in and collaborate with others who have been working towards the same cause and similar passions. This can surely build everlasting relationships. There are many ways you can display your cause:

–    Make a slideshow of what your goal is and put some pictures on it as well. Make it interesting to watch.

–    Make a video presentation and engage the guests with the video.

–    Hand out brochures to all the attendees so that many more people can get to know about your event.

The main idea behind your event should be to raise awareness. Awareness about your cause; therefore, you should display all your efforts to the attendees and others who know your organization. Make sure that they recognize that your cause is genuine and you really want to believe in it.

Fundraising Apps That All Non-profit Organizations

78% of all the Americans can be found looking at a computer and trying to navigate around and trying to find apps all day long. With a majority of the planet using smartphones, the need for apps has been higher than ever. With having apps that have successfully taken over our lives, one can only assume that digital fundraising is the next easy-to-use feature, and all donors and fundraisers can rejoice knowing this. Nowadays, there are so many easy-to-use fundraising apps that have surfaced; these can surely help you reach your goals. Here is a list of some really good fundraising apps:

Facebook Fundraiser and the donate buttons: The Facebook fundraiser allows the user to grant their followers to crowdsource on their behalf. It is more or less franchising the fundraising campaign. Facebook allows the users to add a “donate” button to their pages so people can easily donate to their cause with just a click of a button. Since the year 2017, they have waived all the transaction fees. And with Facebook being easily accessible on all smart devices, it really does help fundraisers collect money and have it legally deposited in a safe digital space.

Charity Miles is a former Whole Whale client, and it helps people donate to some of their favorite organizations. Users have to choose the charity which they want to donate to and for every mile they move, whether they walk, run or ride a bike, they earn money for an organization from a corporate sponsor. It is a very interesting way to make sure that fundraisers get money.

Facebook fundraise

One Today by Google is a fundraising app by Google that displays the impacts of just one donation daily, which can even amount to $1. For every donation a user makes, they receive short stories, photos and also some explanations as to how and where their money goes. This has really helped a lot of people across the globe.

PayPal is a payment system which is best known for being a very easy way to transfer money. It will send you a card reader to take debit and credit card payments. They do indeed levy a 2.7% transaction fee.

Omaze is another fundraising app that actually partners with celebrities to auction some amazing experiences in exchange for small donations. For example: If you donate $10 you can have a chance to spend a day with Emilia Clarke. She recently partnered with them when she was promoting the new season of Game Of Thrones. Even Tom Holland is doing the same since he is promoting his new movie, Spider-Man Far From Home.


How Technology Can Help Fundraising

If and when your non-profit organization pursues an ambitious fundraising goal or if it needs to refresh its current approach, it is indeed very important to consider that not only strategies can provide strong returns on the investments, but you need to engage with new donors. In the world of fundraising, one of the best ways to reach the intersection of cost-effectiveness and also engaging with new people is to find the right kind of chemistry as to how your organization works. New fundraising technologies are popping up nowadays, and this would be the crucial element of any kind of successful campaign.

You should start by making sure that your non-profit organization has an online presence. Here are a few steps that you can follow to make it easier for you.

–    You can start by streamlining the online donation process. One of the most defining features of our current technologies is overarching concerns with the design and the experience. Elements of stronger design have an effect on everything on the web, from the appearance of our pages to the entire experience of a user on a website. It is very crucial to consider the experiences of people who visit the site. The online donation process goes like this:

–    A donor searches for your website using a search engine.

–    Then the donor finds your website and goes to the home page and browses the top content.

–    The donor may or may not decide to donate, but when they do, they will be on the look-out for an easy way to be done with it.

non-profit organization

Make sure that the “Make your donation here” link is placed in an area of the site that is easily noticeable by a donor.

–    You can use some innovative donation tools that can help you boost your intake. The fundraising strategy should primarily revolve around two things, which are, fully engaging with your new and existing donors who have donated to your cause and also creating a strong infrastructure to make use of the support to the fullest.

–    Be transparent about your intentions and your cause.

–    Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp to promote your fundraiser. Don’t rub it in people’s faces but do put in some subtle links to your website that would lead them directly to the donation page. Do not private message people constantly as that may irritate them. Make posts about your cause and make sure that all your followers are made aware of what you are fighting for.

–    Be-friend others in the same field and the ones who are working towards the same cause as you so you can help promote each other.

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